I have always been a creative person, it flows through my veins. I find myself having withdrawals if I go too long without creating something. When we took our family trip down to Walt Disney World in 2014 I found the world of Minnie Mouse ears. I had no idea it was such an important accessory when visiting the parks until I was there. My sister, step mother and I got together to make some Disney inspired Minnie ears to bring with us on our next trip. And that was the start of the Magic Mouse Ears business.

I have had such wonderful supporters from coworkers, to family and friends asking me to make them some. I ended up having an array of different mouse ears, I decided to open my own Etsy shop in November 2015. It didn’t start off busy, but by late January/early February the orders started trickling in. There was nothing better than hearing that “Cha Ching” whenever someone purchased something! By September of 2016 I decided to take the leap! I now work full time making Magic Mouse Ears!

I love challenging myself to come up with the most "out of this world" designs. It is an honor and privilege to have the chance to make someone’s Disney vacation extra special with our Magic Mouse Ears. The possibilities are endless, and I hope to help make your Disney dreams come true!

I am so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. There are so many talented and creative ear designers out there, I am so thankful my clients have stuck by me. I adore every one of you who have been there from the very beginning, and am grateful for the new supporters I continue to get. I don’t ever take for granted the position I am in and the love and support I have. Thank you all for being a part of this journey. I hope to make Magic Mouse Ears for many years to come.