Interchangeable Magic Mouse Ears


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These Interchangeable Magic Mouse Ears comes as shown. This is the starter pack, which comes with and interchangeable red sequins with white polka dots bow, a vintage hat with a flower, and dapper day hat. These pieces are removable. Accessory packs may be purchased separately.

These ears are made with satin, sequins and hand paint foam. 

Please be gentle when removing these parts. If they aren't handled with care the ears may rip off. 

Slight variations may occur because each pair is handmade. Headband color may differ, depending on the supply I have in stock. I will only make this design on a red, black or grey head band.

The ears are stuffed and tend to be top heavy. They are not designed to be worn on jerky rides, the ears are very secure. One size fits most.

We are not associated with Disney or any of their affiliates. 

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