NEW Custom Design Magic Mouse Ears

Please leave a short description for the new design you would like. You will be emailed shortly after purchase.

This item is out of stock

This NEW DESIGN custom listing is for those interested in purchasing ears that have not be designed yet.

When purchasing, please leave the title of your new design. You will later be contacted through email to discuss your idea. This is a set price for all new designs, however, if we decide to add your design to the shop, you will receive a 10% coupon code for ALL FUTURE PURCHASES.

You are welcome to email us before purchasing so we can come up with a solid concept and design.

No lights will be able to be added to ears at this time. We haven't perfected the art of adding lights, however, we can add glow in the dark paint to any pair.

Ear Options...

Single Sided ears- These are the traditional ears and will be stuffed in the front, with one bow and a design on the front only.

Double sided ears-  These are stuffed in the front and the back, with a design and bow on both sides.

Single Sided ears with writing on the back- These will be the same as the single sided ears, but you can chose what you want writing on the back.

If you would like the ears on a hat instead of a headband please DM me before purchasing. Price may increase, as this isn't a normal option I offer.

This ears will take at least 2-4 weeks to create and ship once the concept is developed and order has been placed. Other factors may alter the time as well, such as the design and complexity, along with how far down the list your order is. If you need them by a certain date please email us before purchasing to ensure we can make them for you in time. 

There will be a limited number of New Custom Design orders taken each week, on top of the other custom orders taken.

Slight variations from the design may occur because each pair is handmade. Headband color may vary, depending on the supply I have in stock.

The ears are stuffed and tend to be top heavy. They are not designed to be worn of jerky rides, the ears are very secure. One size fits most.

We are not associated with Disney or any of their affiliates.